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Custom Shopify Website

Dora Mae Jewelry

Dora Mae Jewelry is a prominent jewelry design studio with a boutique in Orlando, Florida. They're known for their eclectic and fun style, but their Shopify website wasn't showcasing that.

To begin the redesign of their site, we determined goals and reverse engineered from there. The main goals were to increase online revenue and to increase email signups and conversions of sales. We pinpointed areas in the site that weren't working and redesigned from the ground up.


dora mae before design homepage screenshot


dora mae jewelry new shopify design homepage screenshot

The new Dora Mae Jewelry homepage tells us so much more about the company. It's just so much more Dora Mae -- the fonts, colors, and design details like gold foil and a soft gradient. It's a fresh palette so the jewelry can shine.

We also refreshed the Dora Mae logo. Keeping the same general look but making it fit better on a website and making it one color so it's easier to see.

Aside from the visual impact, the homepage is completely redesigned starting with the header. Instead of all of the jewelry categories being hidden underneath the "Shop" navigation, we've organized the jewelry categories across the header. Now visitors know right away the different types of jewelry Dora Mae makes.

We've added in brand positioning statements (We believe in the joy of transformation and the beauty of new life...") and bits of personality throughout.

Shoppable products are featured as well on the homepage, so you don't have to click through categories to start seeing products you can buy. And we've walked visitors through everything Dora Mae sells: ready made jewelry, custom jewelry and heirloom bridal jewelry.

We set up a campaign in Klavyio (email marketing platform for ecommerce businesses) for new subscribers to receive a code for a free gift with a certain order value. The campaign has been performing well.

And finally, near the bottom of the homepage we show you what the retail store actually looks like (it's really freakin cool!) and invite you to look inside for a virtual tour.


dora mae old mobile site screenshot on an iphone


dora mae jewelry new shopify site mobile site homepage screenshot on an iphone

Here's a comparison of the mobile view for the homepage of the old site and the redesigned new site.

Dora Mae has an engaged following on Instagram and we wanted a way for users to easily shop the grid when they came to the site directly from social. So the first call to action on the homepage is "Shop our social", which brings you to a shoppable instagram grid page that's connected with the site via a Shopify app.

The mobile site has a special "Look For" menu below the header. This helps visitors understand what you can find on the Dora Mae site, without opening the full menu. It's also a place to highlight new collections.


dora mae jewelry necklaces page old site screenshot


dora mae jewelry new shopify site design necklaces category page screenshot

The new category pages for Dora Mae's site have a big featured image and functionality to filter through the different types within each category. We wanted to make products as easy to find and look through as possible.

dora mae jewlelry new shopify design mega menu bracelets screenshot

We added mega menus so visitors can hover over categories and see what's inside. We have a section that positions Dora Mae's take on each category, navigation with the main category and sub categories and featured products or categories.


dora mae jewelry old website screenshot product page


dora mae jewelry new shopify website product page example screenshot

The new Dora Mae Jewelry product page is a lot more detailed. We've highlighted the Shipping and Return policy, which is not only on the top banner on every page and on the footer, but also in the product details section.

We've utilized Shopify's dynamic "Buy Now" buttons so visitors can skip the cart and immediately buy with their preferred payment gateway.

We've also added more products with an "Also in this collection" product grid and "People Also Liked" product grid. It's more opportunity for people to see something to buy.

Below that we've added value statements about Dora Mae Jewelry. We know some people may not land on the homepage or go to the About page, so we want people to know the story behind Dora Mae, where the jewelry comes from and the mission on the product page too.


dora mae jewelry old website custom page screenshot


dora mae jewelry custom page new website shopify design screenshot

The page describing Dora Mae Jewelry's custom jewelry process was an important one. Custom jewelry is a big part of their business, but most of the explanation process happened in person. We wanted to make it easy to understand the multi step process and highlight before and after's. We also added an FAQ section and a contact form specifically for custom jewelry to make it very easy for visitors to get started.


dora mae jewelry about page old site screenshot


dora mae jewelry about page old site screenshot

The new about page has a lot more content to show the full picture of Dora Mae Jewelry. Because Dora Mae has a unique mission, we wanted to highlight that throughout the site.

We're using the about page to share the history of Dora Mae, the founder Ansley's perspective, the jewelry sources and mission, the team, new jewelry that you can shop, and a section to show that Dora Mae has a retail location you can visit.


dora mae old shopify site contact page screenshot


dora mae contact page new shopify site screenshot

The contact page is often neglected on websites and we didn't want a boring one for Dora Mae. Not only not boring, we want it to be useful. We've added "How can we help?" links to pages that can answer questions before someone may need to fill out the form.


dora mae jewelry old site blog screenshot


dora mae jewelry new blog design shopify screenshot

The new blog is more streamlined and easier to read. We re-categorized all of the posts so they'd be easy to find with the filter function at the top. All of the featured images are now the same size so it all looks balanced and we added a big header image that shows the Dora Mae team, the people behind the blog.

dora mae design details. picture of woman with necklace, gold foil background and tagline that says modern jewelry for the vintage soul

I love the new look and feel of the brand and the design details that are woven throughout the site.

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