Shelley Easter of Launch Party. Photo by The Branded Boss Lady

A Smart System for a Standout New Website

Building Your Website Doesn't Have to Suck

You know how important your website is for your growing business. BUT...

It's confusing, overwhelming and sometimes you want to throw your computer out your window. #headdesk

The Current Options Aren't Good Enough

You can...

Keep on keepin' on in DIY hell.

Spend months still trying to get your website finished -- on top of all of the other hats you're wearing in your business. And the hard reality is the result of your tireless work will probably be a "meh" website that doesn't do anything for your business.

Or spend a lot of time & money with a traditional web designer.

There's a time and place for websites that take 6 months (or more) to build. They're great for complex businesses or big online stores. So where's the middle ground?

Launch Party is way better

Get a standout new website in 4-8 weeks.

Launch Party is a new approach to e-commerce websites. We build fantastic looking online stores chock-full of personality that are designed with a purpose: to make your business more money.

How? With a smart, efficient process plus a ton of design talent and experience. Read all about our system here.

Who's Throwing this Party?


Meet Shelley Easter

Designer & Owner of Launch Party

I'm Shelley Easter, the woman behind Launch Party. I earned my design chops working in the magazine world. I built my first website 10 years ago. And yet launching a new one still makes me giddy! A fantastic website is that exciting, friends.


"Shelley sees the big picture and turns it into something beautiful."

Laura Diaz of Kiss Me Creative

I started Launch Party to help women like you: you're doing really cool things -- like making your own jewelry line, hand painting ceramics, or healing patients with acupuncture.

Your products are all too important to hide behind amateur branding and a dull website that's not getting you enough sales and recognition.

If you're anything like my other Launch Party clients, you're super busy building your business and need someone reliable and experienced to build your online store, stat.

Ready to start your Launch Party? Let's go!

Ready, set... launch!