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A one-week done for you service by Launch Party

Transform your product page from blah to MUST BUY!

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Your product page is an integral part of your online store. Is yours working for you?

The product page is where site visitors decide if they want to buy. Letโ€™s make it a no-brainer.

Most e-commerce site owners don't pay enough attention to their product page design.

You've spent time making, photographing and writing your descriptions. But what about designing and optimizing the actual page your product will be on?

๐Ÿ›‘ Is this your product page?

A bare-bones product page with only the basic product infoย 

No storytelling that speaks directly to the ideal customer

No brand positioning content

Not addressing common pre-buy questions and concerns

The default Shopify product page isn't enough. A lackluster product page can cost you sales.

If your product page is doing the least, letโ€™s make it do the most.

Transform your Product Page


Sells your product and your brand

with compelling content


Show and tell visitors WHY they need your product

and how it'll benefit them


Build trust and answer pre-buy questions and concerns

they didn't even know they had

The Power of the Product Page! Gingiber Before & After

Product Page Before (left) had a basic related product section review section. And that's it!

Product Page After (right) has a:

  • custom "featured review" below the title
  • Frequently Bought Together section to incentive higher average order values
  • more defined related products section
  • customized review section
  • brand building "Why Gingiber" section

Results: Sales up 31%, average order value up 12% and conversion rate up 18%

Gingiber Before and After Comparison screenshots of the product template

โœจ The best part is after your product page is transformed, it can be applied to all of your products.

And you can use it as a base to build new product templates that are customized for particular collections and products too.

How it works:

The one-week process to transform your product template

60-min strategy call to determine your product page needs

Half-way point: We'll deliver your freshly redesigned product page

Review call to go over your page together and finalize

Last step: You'll receive a video guide on how to edit and utilize your new product template

Who this is for:


Businesses with validated products

and a site that's been live for at least 6 months


Shopify store owners

with an Online Store 2.0 theme (Not sure how to check this? Just email me.)

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