orange lingerie homepage design on an iphone with a circle background

Rebrand + Redesign Shopify Website

Orange Lingerie

My client Orange Lingerie, owned by Norma Loehr, had a successful digital download store on Shopify and a popular blog on WordPress. She wanted to bring both together for ease of use (for both her and her audience) and to make it easier to feature and sell products on her blog.

She wanted to sell more products and answer pre-buying questions with her website. And she wanted to modernize the site and incorporate her brand story.

We consolidated the website and moved everything to Shopify. We reorganized the site and developed a new user flow that introduced customers to the brand and guided them all the way till they purchased.

We added more content — visuals and copy — to every page with the main goal of making it clear what Orange Lingerie sells.

We highlighted that products are all digital downloads and made it a selling point that Orange Lingerie doesn't run sales (now is always the best time to buy!).

The results? Orange Lingerie's stats are up. Conversions and overall sales have increased as well as blog engagement. (Exact numbers confidential.)


before: orange lingerie old homepage design


orange lingerie's new shopify homepage design

The new Orange Lingerie homepage makes the point of the website clear right away with a strong headline. The redesigned logo makes better use of the space so we can have more useful information in the header: a top message bar that explains all products are digital, main navigation, search, cart and account.

The homepage calls out favorite patterns, which is always a good place for new customers to start.

It features beautiful imagery of the finished patterns, a call-out to learn more about the brand and the blog.

The footer is much more robust: there's a signup form for her mailing list with an opt-in incentive for a free guide, the new tagline and footer links that are easy to navigate.


orange lingerie old product page


orange lingerie new product page in shopify

The new product page for Orange Lingerie has a few special features. First, we've highlighted the great reviews Orange Lingerie's patterns have by putting the star rating at the top. We added a few elements that are below "Add to Cart".

  • Best price - every time with a link to the section about that, so users know now is the right time to buy. This eliminates hesitations about waiting for a sale.
  • A line that digital downloads are instantly delivered via email to eliminate confusion about what they're buying
  • A link to a sizing information lightbox (it pops up right on the page so you don't have to leave the product page). This is really helpful pre-buy information for buyers so they can verify that this is the right product for them.

The details section of the product page now stands out with a background and clear headings.

Below that, there's a section called "Orange Lingerie's Downloadable PDF patterns" that has icons and features.



orange lingerie old blog design


orange lingerie new blog design in shopify

Orange Lingerie's blog was all on WordPress. So we moved over all the posts to Shopify and recategorized everything to make it easier to look through.

On the new design, we now have a beautiful header to set the stage and we've told you what to expect by reading the blog. ("Learn how to make your own beautiful custom fit lingerie."). Below that, there's now a search field and the four main categories to choose from.

Norma has reported she's gotten more blog comments and engagement with the new design.


orange lingerie old site about page design


orange lingerie's new about page on shopify

The Orange Lingerie About page has changed quite a bit with the new design. It now has a compelling headline, larger photos and features a lot more about Orange Lingerie. It's much more informative and still easy to skim through.

There's a section that establishes the brand "We've been making custom lingerie since 2010" and explains the benefits again.

And a section for community involvement with featured Instagram photos (#OrangeLingerie) that showcases the beautiful work customers have made with Orange Lingerie's patterns.


orange lingerie old workshop page


orange lingerie new workshop page shopify design

For the redesigned workshop page we added more compelling copy that describes the workshops in the header. Instead of a long list of upcoming and past workshops, we created two sections: one at the top for upcoming workshops and one at the bottom for past workshops.

Testimonials are highlighted with big new images to make them easier to read.

We also added a callout for Orange Lingerie's online course and a separate newsletter signup to get on the waitlist for new workshops. This makes it much easier to reach new people that are interested in attending.

orange lingerie mobile design shows several iphones with the new website

This is a mobile-first website, meaning we focusing on making sure the site looked beautiful and was perfectly functional on mobile before designing the desktop version. The majority of traffic for Orange Lingerie comes from mobile, so it was imperative for the site to look gorgeous on phones.

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