the joypop co homepage by Launch Party

Squarespace Migration & Custom Shopify Website

The JoyPop Co

The JoyPop Co was such a fun (and joyful) brand to work with. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada with a thriving local market, they wanted to expand their customer base and start shipping their frozen pops.

We migrated them from their Squarespace site to Shopify and set up new ways for customers to order and buy, locally and beyond.

The new Shopify site now features their products throughout, builds on the brand story by showcasing the journey "from local farms to your pop" and shows social proof with testimonials and reviews.

We wanted the new site to be the 2.0 version of The JoyPop Co. Elevated, more grown up, but still true to the fun heart of the brand.


old joypop website on squarespace


New Shopify website for The JoyPop Co - homepage screenshot
joypop collage for the about page
The JoyPop Co Shopify collection template on an iphone
The JoyPop Co product template on an iphone
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