email marketing 101 for ecommerce sales

Email Marketing 101 for E-Commerce Sales Masterclass




Learn how to use email marketing to get sales for your product business. The complete guide to understanding exactly how email marketing works and your next steps.


Email marketing is the #1 sales converting marketing channel! Get ready to learn exactly what it is and how to use it for your own business.

Here's what you'll learn in this 60 minute video training:

💌 What email marketing is and how it works: including what platforms I recommend. If you're brand new, this section is especially for you!

🎁 How to get people to sign up for your list. There are lots of ways to entice people to join and I'll go through options that work.

🪄 Build your sales generating automations. Email automations will keep working in the background after you've set them up. Learn what you need for a successful sequence.

🎨 Design examples for what your templates should look like. I'll show you what you need to create a simple, professional and high-performing email template without needing to be a designer.

💸 Send strategic content. Do's and don't's for successful email campaigns and how often to send them.

🚀 Action steps you can take right away, so you'll know exactly how to apply and implement what you learn.

Ready to harness the power of email marketing for your business? Get subscribers, create automations and make sales! Learn the essentials with action steps to take in one hour.