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How to Maximize Word-of-Mouth Referrals With Your Website

Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t need a website, I get all of my business from word-of-mouth!”

Getting word-of-mouth referrals is FANTASTIC on so many levels. Referrals mean that you’re treating your customers really well and it validates your business and offerings. Big cheers to that.

But here’s what the “I don’t need a website” peeps may be missing: a great website can maximize your referrals — and make selling to them even easier.

How to Maximize Word-of-Mouth Referrals With Your Website

Let’s imagine that your friend gives you a referral to a social media manager. What’s the first thing you’re likely to do? Look them up online. If they don’t have a website, will you still contact them? Maybe. Maybe not.

If they have a compelling website, will you be even more excited to contact them? Absolutely!

If you’re getting a lot of referrals, then your website is going to pull it’s weight for you even faster. You’ll already have warm leads visiting your site. A warm lead is someone that’s more likely to buy, in this case because they’ve been referred. Your website’s job will be to turn those warm leads into inquiries in your inbox. In website speak, we call that “converting.”

Let’s talk about how your website can convert your referrals:

By being super clear

Step 1: Your referral lands on your website and thinks “my friend was right, this is exactly what I need.”

Clarity is priority #1 online. Have you ever visited a website that looks cool but leaves you puzzled about what that business actually does? I sure have, and I didn’t buy. Referral or not, people don’t want to pay for something they don’t understand.

So before you get caught up in snazzy features, or even how your website looks, make sure that what you offer is crystal clear.

I often remind my clients to keep it simple: your headline doesn’t need to be clever or have a cute pun — even though I do love a cute pun — above all it just needs to be clear.

Your text and visuals should ideally work together to explain this. (That’s where design comes in!) But tread lightly here if you’re not a designer or working with a pro, as sometimes too much design can complicate or muddle your message.

By showing who you are

Step 2: Your referral “meets” you and starts connecting with you.

Use pictures of yourself so referrals can connect your name with your face. We don’t want to hire a faceless company, right? I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to using photos of yourself on your website and how to do it, click here for more.

By making it super easy to contact you

Step 3: Your referral lands in your inbox, primed and ready.

This is when your website does the work of converting your warm lead to a hot lead – in effect your website just made your job a lot easier! Referrals are already better leads to get, they’re more likely to buy as it is. Combine that with a powerful website experience and it’s sales gold!

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