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5 Myths About Your Brand and Website That Could Cost You $$$

I’ve been a graphic and web designer for almost a decade, and I’ve seen these myths pop up time and time again. I’ve even believed some of them personally. (Myth #3, I’m looking at you.) But these myths can cost you clients, traffic, fans and ultimately money. So let’s do some myth busting, shall we?

5 Myths about websites that could be costing you $$$ by

Myth #1: If sales aren’t good, you need to rebrand or need a new website.

I see this a lot. Basically, something’s not working, you may not know what’s wrong, but you hope a new brand or website will fix it. And it doesn’t always work that way. You could do a beautiful new re-brand and still end up not attracting the right people. Because maybe your target market is wrong, or maybe your messaging just doesn’t connect, or maybe you’re selling the wrong products/services. That’s why it’s so important to first identify what’s happening with your current brand and website to know where it falls short and to discover what else may be going on. Then, your beautiful rebrand can actually serve your business well.

Myth #2: Your analytics are too complicated to understand and aren’t that important anyway.

So many people aren’t using the 100% free and 100% essential tool: Google Analytics. If you’re not using it, you’re running your website blind. You need to know how many people are finding you, how many people leave in less than 2 seconds (your bounce rate), and what percentage of people sign up for your newsletter list or fill out a contact form. By reading your Analytics, you can find out where your marketing efforts are paying off the most by looking at referral sources.

I highly recommend scheduling a weekly report emailed to yourself or your team with your important metrics to keep an eye on your traffic and how your website’s being used.

Myth #3: If you have a really cool website, people will find their way to it somehow.

I wish this one was true, because it’d make my job easier. But the truth is, having a kickass website is just one part of the equation. People have to know it exists so they can see your kickass site and fall in love with your brand. On the opposite side of the coin, if your marketing efforts are stellar but your brand and site is totally lackluster, that’s not enough either. You need both.

There are lots of different approaches to generating traffic. You first have to get a solid grasp on your target audience so you can reach them where they’re already hanging out. Search engine optimization (SEO), blog posts, social media, your email list and ad campaigns can all play a part. But that doesn’t mean you need to do it all. In order to tackle the task in a measurable, results-oriented way, you need to conduct surveys and mine your Google Analytics data.

Myth #4: If you like the way your brand and website looks, then that’s all that matters

This one happens a lot. You are not necessarily your brand’s ultimate customer. Too often we’re driven by wanting to please our personal tastes rather than what our target audience is into. Again, this comes down to research and thoroughly understanding your target audience. Not just imagining what they like, but actually asking and conducting surveys.

Myth #5: Your website is your online business card

If you’re viewing your website as your online business card, you’re seriously underutilizing it. A business card is static. The main goal is to share your contact info. Your website can be so, so much more. The options are truly endless. A few goals your website could have: educating your potential clients about your services, inspiring your audience, driving sign ups for your newsletter and joining your sales funnel. Your website is a key part of your client/customer journey. Make your website work harder and smarter.

Have you ever fallen into one of these myths?

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