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Your Online Business is More than Your Website

So you’ve made your website. It looks wonderful, if you do say so yourself. Your friends are loving it too. That’s good! And especially from my perspective, that’s super important. But there’s more to your online biz than your website. Here are some little details that are often forgotten, but make for a better (and more memorable) brand experience:

Your online business is more than your website by

Your mail signup forms.

When someone signs up, is Mailchimp the only logo they see? You can change that! Whatever email newsletter service you use, you can customize your signup forms with your logo, colors and some friendly and personalized text.

Your default welcome emails.

Customize them! You don’t have to leave the default and super generic “thanks for subscribing” message. Tell the person who just signed up a little about your business and what they should expect to receive from you.

Use a media kit.

If you’re a service based business and you’re not sending a media kit to all new inquiries, you’re missing an opportunity. They take some time to put together, but they can be such a good sales tool and get people excited about your business and working with you. You send it to prospective clients. Want to see an example? Mine’s here.

Your quotes, invoices, proposals + receipts.

Brand them, personalize them, make them a fun and delightful part of doing business with you. They can still be very simple documents, but add your logo, a bit of your color palette where you can, and a nice message. I use Wave for my invoices and customize the look with their simple editor.

Make a welcome kit.

A welcome kit is actually very different from a media kit. While the media kit is about the services you offer, the welcome kit is about the experience of working with you. Send it to your clients after they’ve signed their contract and paid their first payment. It should include details like your timezone, work hours, best way to communicate with you, how to provide feedback, how long things take and what project management tool you use. It sets the stage for your new working relationship and creates guidelines that makes that process infinitely easier for everyone. Here’s mine.

Putting in a little extra time for these details elevates your whole brand experience. And it’s not about just making you and your business look good, it’s about making the experience more enjoyable and memorable for your audience. To me, that’s one of the joys of being a small business owner. I can do things my way.

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