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10 Free Online Tools That Make My Life Easier

As an online biz owner, I’m always looking for new online tools that’ll make my life easier and make my work more efficient. I’ve been using most of these tools for years now.

10 Free Tools that Make my Life Easier by

Google Voice: I have a free phone number from Google Voice that allows me to make and receive calls from my computer. Bonus: I can give out my number without really giving out my number.

Asana: Yes, I’m on the Asana train! I tried Trello for a while, but Asana just works better for me. And it makes much more sense when I share my project with clients. I’ve created project templates so all my tasks are already loaded up (with my web questionnaire link, welcome kit, exit questionnaire, and so on) already in there.

Hello Sign: I send my contracts and collect legally valid e-signatures through Hello Sign. It’s so easy.

Calendly: I schedule calls with clients/friends with Calendly, it eliminates back and forth scheduling emails and looks pretty to boot.

Mailchimp: Is my preferred email newsletter, it’s user friendly, has tons of features and is free for your first 2,000 subscribers.

Google Keep: I installed an app on my browser so that when I’m on a site that I want to save for later, I click the button and it saves it in Google Keep. I can categorize it (my main categories are kids and business, haha) and look through everything later.

Wave: I use Wave to send my invoices, collect payment and I also input all of my expenses so it handles my accounting too.

Typeform: I use it for any kind of survey or questionnaire. Mainly for kicking off projects and for completing them. It’s a nicely designed way to get feedback and testimonials when we’re done.

RescueTime: Is an app that tracks everything I do on my computer. I love seeing the weekly reports and seeing total hours worked and where I spent my time. I’m always trying to keep that number as low as possible!

Hootsuite: If you use Instagram for your business and are posting frequently, you really need some kind of scheduler. I add my photo and caption and can schedule out a whole week of Instagram posts.

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